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Hello from Arizona State University!

Hello, I am Jason Striker a graduate student at Arizona State University.  

My area of focus is in the nexus of communication and technology. I research video games, social media, TV, movies, web and the marketing and messages that derive from, and because, of each.  These different stages of communication converge in to and on to one another, in turn making the meanings and messages constrained by the constant overlapping of mediums. I attempt to make meaningful analysis of the interactions and look for what contribution these diverse outlets lend to the field of communication and the technologies that facilitate. However, in learning the how, when and why of researching what some consider the absurd oddities of social science, and while constantly being coaxed to focus on more "practical" communication topics, having HASTAC Scholars as a bastion for my research and professional development is an integral reason I haven't run off to system and network analysis -- which can be done on popular communications topics.
I am looking forward to participating as a HASTAC scholar, sharing ideas, and hoping to meet many of you at a conference or two in the near future.  I was just recently at IR14 which is the Association of Internet Reserachers (AoIR) conference in Denver.  It was an amazing learning experince to be able to discuss research, new topics of interest, and of course the intersection of theory and praxis.  So much can come from scholarly discussions, especially when they are interdisciplinary and not siloed away in an "ivory tower".
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