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OPPORTUNITY: ICA 2016 Call for Panelists on Feminists/Feminisms in Asia/from Asia

I am looking for panelists for a panel on Feminisms/Feminists in/from Asia for the ICA Conference in Fukuoka, Japan in 2016.

This panel will address the specific feminisms that are occurring in the different countries in the vast continent of Asia. It will include Asian feminist scholars (including from India) and feminist activists and research from scholars that are studying and addressing contemporary feminist issues in communication and media. Topics will address but not be limited to: social media use by feminists in Asia; the role of governments in gender/women’s/feminist issues; feminists responses via media and communication on societal issues; protests and resistances; accomplishments and failures of feminists media production, distribution and consumption; violence against women/feminists and others. While the focus is on contemporary issues, topics can also include the histories of feminisms in different Asian countries and contexts and how they relate to current feminist expressions, campaigns and phenomena.

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me off-list at by this Friday, Oct. 30 with a 150-250 summary of which study/issue you would address, your affiliation (university and rank/title, advanced Ph.D. students are welcome) and a brief bio.

Thank you very much.

Stine Eckert, Ph.D.
Vice-Chair Feminist Scholarship Division, ICA
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
571 Manoogian Hall
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48201


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