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Hello, my name is Steve Wilcox, I'm a PhD candidate in the English Langauge and Literature department at the University of Waterloo. My dissertation research is on videogames, empathy, and rhetoric. I approach games from a feminist, standpoint-theory perspective, arguing that games can train players to translate what Donna Haraway calls "situated knowledges." From this theoretical basis I go on to argue that games are an ideal medium for all forms of knowledge translation--the movement of knowledge between various communities.

I mention the connection between games and knowledge translation as it informs a lot of my work outside of my dissertation. For instance, I am co-founder and editor-in-chief of First Person Scholar, a middle-state publication that encourages its contrbutors to convey their research on games & games culture in such a way that it extends and influences beyond the discipline of game studies. I also develop games and data visualization software that aim to rethink the purposes of games and game scholarship.

Currently, I am working on a dissertation that combines a written document with a digital game. The game itself comes from a partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, who are co-funding the project in the interest of engaging in knowledge translation in respect to food allergies.



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Hi Steve -- I'm very interested in your interdisciplinary work around gaming and knowledge. I've also done interdisciplinary work towards this end, and am looking forward to hearing more of what you share in the HASTAC community.