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Hello, my name is Steve Wilcox, I'm a PhD candidate in the English Langauge and Literature department at the University of Waterloo. My dissertation research is on videogames, empathy, and rhetoric. I approach games from a feminist, standpoint-theory perspective, arguing that games can train players to translate what Donna Haraway calls "situated knowledges." From this theoretical basis I go on to argue that games are an ideal medium for all forms of knowledge translation--the movement of knowledge between various communities.

I mention the connection between games and knowledge translation as it informs a lot of my work outside of my dissertation. For instance, I am co-founder and editor-in-chief of First Person Scholar, a middle-state publication that encourages its contrbutors to convey their research on games & games culture in such a way that it extends and influences beyond the discipline of game studies. I also develop games and data visualization software that aim to rethink the purposes of games and game scholarship.

Currently, I am working on a dissertation that combines a written document with a digital game. The game itself comes from a partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, who are co-funding the project in the interest of engaging in knowledge translation in respect to food allergies.



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