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Learning about Publications on *Unflattening* Portal

I have previously written about how we are developing an Unflattening Portal on Scholarly Voices.  The portal is designed to support individuals teaching or reading Dr. Nick Sousanis’ Unflattening (Harvard University Press, 2015).

In order to help people better find new publications on the website, we have created the Unflatteningblog.  Subscribers to the blog will receive notices of new publications to the Unflattening Portal as well as notices of major revisions or additions.  Minor editing changes or updates to existing pages will not be included in blog postings.


Current Student and Faculty Publications

The following student and faculty publications are currently available on the Unflattening Portal.  Reviews of Unflattening and interviews with Nick Sousanis are also listed.

Page numbers refer to the section of Unflattening to which the publication is most relevant.

Periodically, we will post lists of new publications to the portal.

Comics as Student Projects

Essays By Students Related to Concepts in Unflattening

Short Reflections by Students Inspired by Unflattening

Teaching Materials Created by Students

Definitions of Concepts Referenced in UnflatteningWritten by Students

Research Conducted with Support from the Schoolcraft College Foundation

Mini Lessons, Discussion Prompts, and Writing Prompts Related to Unflattening

Reviews and Interviews


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