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"Scholarly Voices" Promotes Undergraduate Voices on HASTAC

Scholarly Voices is a new group that was designed to identify and promote undergraduate voices on HASTAC.  The group is not a place to discuss undergraduate writing.  It is a tool to make it easier for undergraduates to promote their work and make it easier for others to identify the writing of undergraduates involved with HASTAC.

Undergraduates who send their blog postings to Scholarly Voices will know that their contributions to HASTAC will be sent to other undergraduates and those who are interested in the points of view of undergraduate authors.  Members of Scholarly Voices—whether undergraduates or not—will have the blog postings of undergraduates e-mailed to them.

I invite undergraduates and their faculty mentors to join Scholarly Voices.  I would also encourage faculty colleagues to encourage their undergraduates to join the group.  Finally, I want to emphasize that anyone who wants to hear and learn from the scholarly voices of undergraduates should join “Scholarly Voices.”