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Second Life event: The Nowhere Dance

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A performance at Alan Sondheim's Second Life exhibition The Accidental Artist

AlanSondheim: We'll teleport people into an installation which has beenconstructed over a period of eight months. It represents nothing ofarchitecture, fantasy, or surrealism; it's a space unlike anything inthe real world. It's difficult to move through, a field of alienprocesses which has a life of its own. Sandy Baldwin and I will dancethrough and around it - on the ground, in the air, and on the oceanfloor. Part of the dance will be based on learning to move around; partwill be based on adding to the clutter.

This may well be thefirst time that an extended phenomenology of a virtual world has beenattempted; the installation has changed almost daily for a period ofeight months.

Date of the performance: Feb 11 / Wednesday 2009
USA: West Coast Time: 8 AM / US East Coast Time: 11 AM
Europe: GB 4 PM / Europe MEZ/CET: 5 PM
Asia: Mumbai, Bangalore: 9.30 PM / Shanghai, Beijing: 12 PM / Tokio: 1 AM

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