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Some people may remember Miller was last in the RTP area for a performance of his live video remix of Griffith's film _Birth of a Nation_. For more information on Miller, see and .

Below is a repost of his recent post. Based on the trailer below I am looking forward to his coming back to RTP.


Hello people! I'm just writing to wish you all a HappyHoliday Season, and to send you best wishes for the New Year. I'm goingoffline for a while 'cause I'm shooting a film in Antarctica for thenext couple of weeks. If you have a moment, check out the trailer forthe film I'm going to shoot there: Every sound in the film will be madefrom the sound of ice (environmental, geological, magnetic, atmosphericetc). I'm bringing a mini-studio with me to edit, shoot, and score thefilm. It headlines Sundance's Digital Film section this January.

Check it out!
Small promo (32mb): Low res

get back the 2nd week of January, and I'll resume the normal hecticschedule all 20,000 plus folks who are signed up to the various listshave come to know and support. I just want to say I'll be thinkingabout alot of things - like spending New Years eve near and onicebergs, or listening to the sound of the ocean currents on Christmas.It helps you think about new things. I could go on, but I want to keepthis brief.

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Years!

in peace,
Paul aka DJ Spooky



Hi, Steve, I love your posts . . . keep em comin. A favor: until we get the homepage feeds straightened out, can you pls keep titles to one line? Now that we have two "sticky" feeds and the HASTAC on Ning feed, any titles that go over a line mean that the homepage box overflows. Yes, this is easily fixable but we're swamped until mid-January and, until then, I'm asking regular bloggers to keep titles to a pithy neat lil line. Thanks, and happy holidays, Cathy