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The two texts I submitted for my corpus were the Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech, and Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech (written by a Dartmouth '79).  I chose these because they are speeches familiar to me. They are both addressing the issue of freedoms, either physical or social. A few shared common words from these speeches include "negro", "berlin", "today", and "freedom". Each of these are definitely important words. "Negro" and "Berlin"are both the subject being fought for in the two different speeches and the common word "today" embodies an action word for the short term. 












The frequency of these words varies during the course of the texts. "Today" does not fluctuate by many occurencies and stays steady throughout, but the rest of them have distinctive peaks that build up and then build back down to low frequencies. This implies the typical sstructure of an essay trying to promote a certain idea... While the speaker is consistently talking about something needing to be done *today* (a call to action), they build up certain ideas and in doing so use those specific buzz words more nd more frequently until the idea is thorough and then wrapping it up they digress from the subject. 


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