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An Assessment of the Digital Media and Learning Competition

Increasing availability and accessibility of digital media have changed the ways in which young people learn, socialize, play, and engage in civic life. Seeking to understand how learning environments and institutions should transform to respond to these changes, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation launched the Digital Media and Learning (DML) Initiative in 2005. This report highlights the successes and challenges of one component of the DML Initiative: the DML Competition.

In the vanguard of a new approach for learning, the DML Competition served multiple purposes. Foundation staff, HASTAC staff, and the DML community defined three primary goals for the Competition program:

  • To find new people to bring into the DML community.
  • To promote particular ideas and issues within and beyond the DML community. 
  • To uncover and fund new DML ideas and solutions for youth.

The attached report is an assessment of the Digital Media and Learning Competition through I-IV and part of V. 


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