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Learning Playlist Design with Convergence Design Labs

Playlists for Learning: Press Play to Connect Learning | Digital Media and Learning Competition 6

Last week, our DML 6 Playlists for Learning grantees met for a webinar featuring Mindy Faber and Margaret Conway of Convergence Design Lab, who talked about their tips for playlist design on the platform. 

A little background about Convergence Design Lab:

Mindy Faber (MFA) and Dean Eric Freedman, (Ph.D) lead a team of learning experience designers and strategists with over 50 years of collective expertise in developing, implementing, evaluating and researching initiatives in youth media, digital learning, participatory civic media, whole school reform and learner-centered design. They are based out of the School of Media Arts at Columbia College in Chicago, where Dr. Freedman is dean. 

The Design Lab’s work draws on open innovation strategies and platforms to strengthen
democratic ecosystems. They partner with philanthropic organizations, civic and public institutions, schools and school districts, colleges and universities as well as a variety of NGOs and community groups.

Our grantees were interested in questions about the ideal or maximum number of XPs (experiences) that a playlist should have, and how to keep the “play” in playlist design, especially for a digital audience, and how SMART goals can be used in design. 

Click here to view the slides from the webinar, and here to watch an archived recording


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