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Playlists for Learning Office Hours Archived Recording | April 13, 2016

Playlists for Learning Office Hours Archived Recording | April 13, 2016

On April 13, 2016, we invited potential applicants to connect with DML Competition leadership for a live applicant Q&A session. The archived recording of that webinar is here:

Webinar guests included:

  • Jen Humke, Senior Program Officer at the MacArthur Foundation
  • David Theo Goldberg, Director, UCHRI and DML Research Hub and the DML Competition
  • Tim Cook, Partner Product Manager, LRNG
  • Girlie Delacruz, Senior Research Associate, LRNG
  • Sheryl Grant (moderator), Director of Social Networking, HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media & Learning Competition

Sample of questions asked and answered in this recording:

  • Can you point me to any research on the efficacy of playlists? Does MacArthur plan to fund any research on this topic?
  • Is it better for our organization to try and tie into schools or school districts? Does this make our application more competitive?
  • The competition details say that organizations must scale connected learning resources and opportunities to a broader audience. Can you be more specific about what a broad audience might be? How broad?
  • What does it mean to augment existing connected learning content? 
  • Does adding new resources or connected learning experiences that we have not done before make our application more or less competitive?
  • We do not necessarily prescribe to the concept of leveling up, at least in terms of badges. Our pedagogy is more about branching pathways and discovery. How important is the criteria to unlock opportunities? 
  • For the budget, what are allowable expenses? Mandatory expenses? 
  • For someone who has never designed a playlist before, what resources are available to get me started? Can you point me toward some examples across the web?
  • In the last webinar, the guests talked about co-designing playlists with youth. So what might an application that involves co-designing with youth be like? Are there any examples of how this has worked in practice?
  • As a veteran teacher with an original curriculum / playlist, and a connection to an educational technology company, but without any prior grant proposal experience, is there somehting I should know about my eligibility?  My teaching position may change to another school in the next several months.
  • After the grant term, will there be any costs associated with maintaining our playlists on LRNG?
  • What if we develop more playlists after the competition? Can we add those to the LRNG platform if we choose?
  • What happens to my organization’s content after the close of the grant term? Does it stay on LRNG in perpetuity?
  • Who retains intellectual property rights for content posted to LRNG?
  • For the grant recipient, does the playlist become proprietary to LRNG?
  • You mentioned national audience, but not international. Is this competition open to international applicants?



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