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Playlists for Learning Informational Webinar | March 30, 2016

Playlists for Learning Informational Webinar | March 30, 2016

What is connected learning? What are connected learning playlists? How can your team use playlists to scale connected learning experiences to a broad audience? What are the keys to successful connected learning playlist design?

Potential applicants can listen to this archived webinar recording of our first DML Playlists for Learning Challenge, including questions and answers about connected learning playlists and playlist design principles. Webinar guests include:

  • Jen Humke, Senior Program Officer at the MacArthur Foundation
  • David Theo Goldberg, Director, UCHRI and DML Research Hub and the DML Competition
  • Tim Cook, Partner Product Manager, LRNG
  • Rob English, Executive Creative Director / Cultural Strategist, Associates & Science
  • Kiley Larson, Research Scientist, The Institute of Human Development and Social Change, New York University
  • Sheryl Grant (moderator), Director of Social Networking, HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media & Learning Competition

This webinar provides a framework to guide applicants in the creation of competitive applications for the Playlists for Learning Competition. Webinar participants asked questions about connected learning, playlists and playlist designs, and the Playlists for Learning Competition.


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