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Playlists for Learning Challenge | LRNG’s Early Release Demo

Playlists for Learning Challenge | LRNG’s Early Release Demo

As mentioned in the DML 6 details for the Playlists for Learning challenge, is one of the earliest adopters of learning playlists, and the leader in adapting them for connected learning. DML Competition 6 requires that playlists be compatible with the LRNG platform, so for those wanting to learn more, below is a recent webinar featuring Tim Cook as he highlights some of the functionality discussed in LRNG’s early release demo.

LRNG Early Release Demo (be sure to log in to see the entire demo)

To recap from DML 6, a connected learning playlist is a curated group of digital and local connected learning experiences and resources (e.g. videos, websites, books, games, articles, etc.). A playlist weaves together these learning experiences into a sequenced pathway centered on a common theme. Playlists broaden opportunities to engage in cohesive, interest-driven connected learning experiences that combine in-school, out-of-school, employer-based, and online learning. A powerful tool for scale, they increase access to opportunities for all and bring transformative change to youth, especially those locked out of traditional paths to success.

By connecting the dots across digital and local spaces, connected learning playlists enable young people to easily find and pursue fun and engaging learning experiences that cross traditional institutional silos and curricula. Just as iTunes or Spotify playlists allow users to easily remix content across albums, connected learning playlists offer similarly personalized learning experiences.

The power of playlists lies in the opportunity for collaboration and discovery. One organization can design a sequence based on it’s own specific goals; multiple providers may want to work together to include many types and sources of learning. These collaborative playlists create a rich network of experiences for learners. As more and more playlists are built on shared distribution platforms, the connections across all learning experiences will increasingly form part of an expansive network of learning.


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