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Workshopping Trust in Connected Learning with DML Trust Challenge Grantees

In January, team members from each of the ten Digital Media and Learning Competition's Trust Challenge traveled to University of California at Irvine's Calit2 building for a full day of workshopping on issues surrounding trust in connected learning environments, particularly as they relate to each of the individual DML Trust Challenge projects.

The January DML Trust Challenge Workshop was a focused opportunity for grantees to solicit and receive expert feedback from expert panelists with a breadth and depth of knowledge and feedback for grantees to sort through pain points and trouble spots in their projects: human-centered design, connected learning, education research and policy, social and technical challenges to digital trust, systems change, among other areas of expertise. We are grateful to our experts for being so generous with their time and expertise, and the rich feedback they provided to each of the projects, including a roundtable discussion at the end to highlight the trust ecosystem at a broader level:


Cathy Casserly, Ph.D

Catherine Casserly, former CEO of Creative Commons, is a Fellow at the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program, a member of the Aspen Institute Task Force on Learning and the Internet, and a longtime supporter of educational equity and open educational resources. With other leading educational experts, Cathy co-authored,  “Learners at the Center of a Networked World,” and is currently an advisor to EdCast, Inc. Cathy is also the former Senior Partner/Vice President of Innovation and Open Networks at Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and former Director of the Open Educational Resources Initiative
at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. 

Heather Emerson

Heather Emerson is a director of the design for learning portfolio at IDEO San Francisco where she leads team, clients and a studio of multi-disciplinary designers in applying design thinking to an array of challenges in the education sector with the goal of designing innovative human-centered experiences that create positive change.
Heather brings over 15 years of expertise as a service designer to envision holistic brand experiences across physical and digital touch points that are inspired by human needs. Since joining IDEO in 2005, Heather has worked on a range of challenges including: building tools to support financial literacy, bring new brand offerings to life, choreographing retail experiences, reimagining learning, and using digital and social media to meaningfully connect people to brands. Heather brings her passion for culture, community and storytelling to frame complex, systems challenges in surprisingly simple and engaging ways. 

Steve Midgely

Steve Midgley is a managing director at Learning Tapestry, an education and innovation company which serves a number of for-profit and education sector organizations. He has also worked as the principal consultant at Mixrun, a CTO consultancy. He previously served as the Deputy Director of Education Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. His principal areas of focus were data transparency, digital interoperability and online learning. Prior to arriving at Education, he was the Director of Education at the FCC, where he headed the team which developed the Education chapter of the National Broadband Plan. Prior to government service Steve served as a Program Manager for the Stupski Foundation for six years, designing and implementing grants for technology in K-12 education. This work involved intensive on-the-ground implementation work with District and State agencies around the country. In the 90’s, Steve was the founding Vice President of Engineering for LoopNet Inc., a commercial real estate listing firm. He designed and built LoopNet's technology and web systems from its inception. LoopNet remains a successful business and is currently listed on NASDAQ.

Sybil Madison-Boyd, Ph.D

Sybil Madison-Boyd is Learning Pathways Program Director at DePaul University
and a systems change coach/consultant with 20 years of experience enabling institutions to achieve positive outcomes for under-resourced youth and families. A clinical and community psychologist by training, Sybil has leveraged her academic training to facilitate the translation of research into effective practice in urban schools and communities. Sybil has worked directly with school administrators, teachers, and staff through coaching and professional development to improve instruction, student learning and achievement outcomes through the development of school teams that use data strategically to develop, and implement targeted school-wide plans for improvement.

Elana Zeide
Research Fellow, Information Law Institute, New York University
Affiliate, Data & Society Research Institute

Elana Zeide is an attorney, consultant, and scholar focusing on student privacy, data-driven education, and algorithmic assessment and credentialing. She is a Research Fellow at New York University’s Information Law Institute, an Affiliate of the Data & Society Research Institute, and an Advisory Board member of the Future of Privacy Forum and iKeepSafe. She writes for both popular and academic publications, recently including “Algorithms Can Be Lousy Fortunetellers” on Slate, “Moving Beyond FERPA and FIPPs: Student Privacy Principles for the Age of Big Data” forthcoming in the Drexel Law Review, and “Unpacking Student Privacy” in the upcoming Handbook of Learning Analytics & Educational Data Mining.

After grantees returned home from the workshop, they wrote blog posts featuring new collaborations with their colleagues, as well as brief project updates and feedback they planned to incorporate into their work moving forward.

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