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Webinar: Tuesday, July 8 @ 11am PDT | Why Trust Matters in Connected Learning Environments

Webinar: Tuesday, July 8 @ 11am PDT | Why Trust Matters in Connected Learning Environments

Interested in thinking how technology, policies, and practices could build more trustworthy learning environments? Join us to discuss Building Trust in Connected Learning Environments on Tuesday, July 8 at 11am PT (2pm ET), the first of a four-event webinar series about trust, privacy, safety, and learning in an open online world. 

What technologies, tools, and policies do learners need to navigate, collaborate, and learn online with confidence? What solutions will foster greater civility and respect in online learning environments? How can open technical standards create more opportunities to share and collaborate online in a spirit of trust? What role do badges play in conversations about trust in connected learning environments?

Guest speakers will dive deep into these questions and the principle that "students should have safe and trusted environments for learning," one of five principles for creating safe, optimized and rewarding learning experiences described in the Aspen Task Force on Learning & the Internet report: 'Learner In The Center Of A Networked World.'

More webinar topics this month: 

Our webinar series is part of the fifth HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition’s Trust Challenge: Building Trust in Connected Learning Environments, a call to action based on findings and recommendations issued by the Aspen Institute Task Force report.

The fifth open international Trust Challenge will award $1.2 million to institutions and organizations that tackle challenges to trust in real-life learning contexts. The Trust Challenge includes a call for proposals that will fund successful collaborations or “laboratories” that create scalable, innovative, and transformative exemplars of connected learning that bridge technological solutions with complex social considerations of trust.

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