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Future of Higher Education and CI-BER Interviews

Future of Higher Education and CI-BER Interviews

In 2014, our team sat down to interview Dr. Richard Marciano and Priscilla Ndiaye to talk about the CI-BER project, a multi-institution big-team collaboration and co-created research project that spanned three universities, several libraries, and multiple partnerships, including the town of Asheville, North Carolina. At the heart of the project was what Priscilla refers to as “the human face of big data,” and the collaboration became an exemplar of how other research institutions might approach community members to address meaningful questions that involve innovative technology. Watch this Bass Connections: Making Data Matter video produced by Jonna McKeone for a brief overview of CIBER and how it connects to Making Data Matter. 

In our interviews, Richard and Priscilla talk about where CI-BER came from, the nature of big team collaborations, what happens when communities collaborate with universities around technology, and the importance of trust in these cutting-edge collaborations. Interviews run 3-6 minutes each.

One of the partnerships we developed resulted in the Making Data Matter initiative that Cathy N. Davidson talks about in this Future of Higher Education MOOC. To learn more about the CI-BER project and dive deeper into the work (including a peer-reviewed journal article that was recently published), check out our CI-BER collection or join our Collaborative Data Group on to receive notifications when new content is posted.

Priscilla Ndiaye, Richard Marciano, and Sheryl Grant will be hosting office hours in Coursera from 7-8pm EST Tuesday, February 25, 2014 to answer any questions about our CI-BER project as part of Cathy Davidson's Future of Higher Education MOOC. We look forward to talking to anyone interested in the guiding principles and lessons learned from this co-created and innovative research project.


CI-BER (CyberInfrastructure of Billions of Electronic Records) launched in 2011 as a cooperative research agreement between NARA (National Archives and Records Administration), NSF (National Science Foundation), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to build a master copy of billions of federal electronic records and visualize that data in different ways. In fall 2012, CI-BER expanded to include new partners from Duke University, UNC-Asheville, and the City of Asheville, creating a collaborative team that represents computer science, political science, the humanities, engineering, information and library science, three universities, the town of Asheville, and community leaders with a pressing need for big data. In other words, a genuine Future of Higher Education collaboration.


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