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Experiential learning, higher education, and badges: A Mini-Collection

This week, I was asked about badges and continuing education, specifically for programming that focuses on sustainable food systems. As a result, today's mini-collection focuses on the great work that Joanna Normoyle is doing at UC-Davis with the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SA&FS) undergraduate major that her team is designing a badge system to support. SA & FS is one of our Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition projects and is by far the most interesting badge system I know about being developed for higher ed. One reason is that SA&FS involves a lot of experiential education because a decent amount of their programming is by nature hands-on. 
The SA&FS Learner Driven Badges Project
UC Davis' Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) will develop a model platform for validating experiential learning within formal institutional contexts at the undergraduate level. In creating a learner-driven, content-rich badge system, ASI will establish a new model for bridging learning in and out of the classroom, and enable learners to better communicate their skills and competencies to a broad audience.
Chronicle of Higher Education

How Badges Really Work in Higher Education

Campus Technology


Using Badges to Quantify Learning Outcomes at UC Davis


Concept sketch of the UC Davis SA&FS badge system

Since this project is also based in higher ed, I also shared a post I wrote a while ago: Questions About Badges in Higher Ed

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