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Psychometrics, Badges, and Research: A Mini-Collection

Yesterday, I posted a mini-collection of resources around youth, badges, and motivation (mostly focused on museums). Today's post is what I shared with a colleague after an interesting conversation about psychometrics and badges. My colleague is a psychometrician and former middle school math teacher who is interested in using quantitative (and qualitative) research to look at characteristics that are less traditionally studied, like community-based learning, and she is naturally very interested in badges. In fact, if anyone is interested in the psychometrics of your  badge and assessment system, let me know and I'll pass along your information. 
  • These links are a helpful "table of contents" to give people a quick idea about which projects were funded in the Badges for Lifelong Learning competition(MacArthur Foundation), and the Teacher Mastery and Feedback competition (Gates Foundation). The Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications are good for demonstrating the initial conceptual idea for their badge design, although many projects iterated once they began working together and building their systems. 
  • Dan Hickey from Indiana University is doing the Design Principles Documentation project -- his team was funded by the MacArthur Foundation to study the design principles emerging from the 30 Badges for Lifelong Learning systems. 
  • And last, Mozilla has an Open Badges Badges Research community call each Wednesday @ 11am ET. Here's the dial-in information and etherpad with notes from each call. Etherpad:  Call: 1-800-707-2533  password 369  confID 7686#

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