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Badges are Made of People: The Social Psychological Motivations of Badges

Badges are Made of People: The Social Psychological Motivations of Badges

Whether you're a badge skeptic, a true believer, or cautiously optimistic -- nothing generates debate about badges quite like motivation. To fire up the conversation and talk about motivation within the context of badge system design, we have invited Judd Antin, a social psychologist and User Experience Researcher at Facebook to join the 30 Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition grantees for a chat about Badges are Made of People: The Social Psychological Motivations of Badges.

Judd's expertise is in motivation and incentives for online collaboration and participation in social media, and published Social Psychology of Badges with his co-author Elizabeth Churchill in 2011-- a helpful summary of the 5 primary functions of badges. 

Judd has also done extensive research on trust and privacy online, and more recently has focused on understanding the power and pitfalls of gamification. Prior to his move to Facebook in May 2012, Judd was a Research Scientist in the Internet Experiences Research Group at Yahoo! Research, and in 2001 he was recognized as one of MIT Technology Review's Top 35 Innovators Under 35 for his work on motivation, engagement, and gamification.

We'll be using this blog for any overflow conversation that comes out of today's webinar, but anyone who wants to weigh in on the discussion about motivation and badges is welcome to jump in and share what you're thinking. For a primer, I've rounded up a list of blog posts written since we launched the Badges for Lifelong Learning initiative in September of 2011. Anything missing? If you have written or read something on the topic of motivation and badges, please share them in the comments. 

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For anyone designing badge systems for game-based platforms, I also recommend reading Lucas Blair's The Cake is Not a Lie: How to Design Effective Achievements.



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