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Friendly Reminder: Stage Two Applications Due for Teacher Mastery & Feedback Badge Competition | Friday, Feb 3 2012

Friendly Reminder: Stage Two Applications Due for Teacher Mastery & Feedback Badge Competition | Friday, Feb 3 2012


In conjunction with the Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition, applicants are invited to propose badging systems not only for learning content, but also for teacher learning and feedback. Competitive submissions proposing badge systems that track and promote feedback regarding the competencies and skills as well as the programs and subjects over which teachers acquire expertise are a central part of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 processes of the Competition. The winning proposal(s) will be awarded funding to develop the proposed badging system.

For Stage 2, Teacher Mastery and Feedback applicants are encouraged to submit proposals that map out what a teacher mastery and feedback badging system would look like, how it would operate, what benefits and challenges it would present, and the design and implementation process it would incorporate. The proposed badging systems should be based on, and fully interoperable with, Mozilla’s Open Badge Infrastructure (

Stage Two seeks organizations, teams or individuals skilled in the design of badge systems and implementation of badge technology. Design and tech applicants at this stage should describe the badge system they want to build, referring to and describing Stage Two characteristics listed on this page.

Stage Two seeks fully developed badge systems and will include badges or sets of badges, assessments, and the technology required to issue, manage, and track or measure performance. Badge system design and tech proposals may be based on winning content from Stage One, or may use other content to demonstrate the designs.

Badge design and tech applicants that do not use approved content or programs from Stage One can still submit their design proposals at this stage, using any content to demonstrate their proposed badge systems. But bear in mind, however, that if successful in Stage Two, these proposals will be matched with winning content and programs from Stage One for the final proposals.

Whatever technology you propose, the badges must be compatible with the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure ( The infrastructure includes a simple metadata standard and a set of APIs to allow learners to gather and display badges from across the web. The intent is to afford learners full control over their own badges once issued, giving them more freedom to use badges how they like and promoting a vibrant badge ecosystem.

Applicants are highly encouraged to develop software and widgets that extend the Open Badge Infrastructure. Software and widgets of high value to many badge issuers may be considered for a stand alone grant that requires a lower level of collaboration at the final stage.

Submission Details

Submissions will require a 1500 word written proposal plus visual materials that graphically represent the badge design submission. These can include a video, a diagram, screenshots, napkin sketch, or other visual expressions. Click here for more information about applying to Stage Two of the Teacher Mastery & Feedback Badge Competition.

Deadline for Teacher Mastery and Feedback Badge Competition Stage 2: Feburary 3, 2012, 5pm PST/8pm EST.


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