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Teacher Mastery & Feedback Badge Competition: Stage Two Submissions Due February 3, 2012

Teacher Mastery & Feedback Badge Competition: Stage Two Submissions Due February 3, 2012

Please note: Applicants who applied to Stage Two of the Badges for Lifelong Learning may submit proposals for Stage Two of the Teacher Mastery & Feedback Badge Competition. 

Stage Two applicants for the Teacher Mastery and Feedback Badge Competition are invited to propose badging systems for the teacher learning and feedback content of Stage One winners. Competitive submissions proposing badge systems that track and promote feedback regarding the competencies and skills as well as the programs and subjects over which teachers acquire expertise are a central part of the Stage One and Stage Two processes of the Competition.

Stage Two Badge Design and Tech applications may be submitted to the Teacher Mastery and Feedback Badge Competition (deadline Feb. 3) through 

Click here to view the 16 Stage One winners from the Teacher Mastery and Feedback Badges Competition.


Stage One: Teacher Mastery and Feedback Badge Content and Programs Winners


Sasha Barab, Center for Impact Games at Arizona State University
Badges for America: Preparing Teachings for the 21st Century

Diane Gal, State University of New York, Empire State College – School for Graduate Studies
Mastery of Open Online Tools for Learning (MOOT4L) Badge Experience

Alex Griswold, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Annenberg Learner Ambassador Badge Program

Richard Ingram, James Madison Partners for Learning
MacArthur Badges for Standards-based ICT Skills for Teachers – United States and Worldwide

Tony Jackson, Asia Society
Pathways to Global Competence: A Badge System for Educators

Cecilia Lenk, The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning and Creativity
simSchool BadgeUp: The Digital Badges Approach to Global Teacher Preparation and Accreditation

David Libert, Milwaukee Teacher Education Center
Growing New Pathways to Teacher Certification

Joshua Marks,
Curriki Certified Open Educator

Bruce Morrow, Bank Street College of Education
Bank Street Community of Online Practice

MaryFaith Mount-Cors, VIF International Education
Global Gateway: A Global STEM Educator Badging System

Corey Newhouse, Public Profit LLC
California Out-of-School Time Badges Initiative

Leah Potter, American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning
Who Built America? Badges for Teaching Disciplinary Literacy in History

Rebecca Schultz, KQED
Science Media Teacher Mastery and Feedback Badges

Robin Shoop, Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
Computer Science Student Network Teacher Badge System

Andrew Stillman, New Visions for Public Schools
YouPD: Rethinking Professional Development for Teachers

Kris Swanson, Poinciana Elementary STEM Magnet School
Elementary STEM Teacher Certification Project


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