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Countdown to DML Competition Winners' Showcase: Day 29 Live Twitter-mapping protests in Egypt with Hypercities

How will we remember the Egyptian protests? Hypercities, a 2008 DML Competition winner, has launched Hypercities Egypt: Voices from Cairo through Social Media, a live Twitter-mapping of protests in Egypt. Todd Presner, Director of Hypercities, wrote to say that their team is working on archiving features that will allow users to search by time and place.

Todd Presner was featured on HASTAC earlier to highlight some of the exciting awards and research that Todd and his collaborators have published.

A brief recap: Todd Presner reported back to us on winning (with co-PI Phil Ethington)a Haynes Foundation Grant for Mapping Los Angeles Research Online with HyperCities: An Open Access Publishing and Collaboration Platform. Hypercities also won a Google Digital Humanities Research in 2010, plus earned a major publication and NEH Scholar-in-Residence Award for Visualizing Statues in the Late Antique Roman Forum by Gregor Kalas (A HyperCities publication using 3D models of the Roman Forum with HyperCities embedded in another website): http:/

For those in the HASTAC community interested in scholarly publishing and digital humanities, Todd's recent publications will also pique interest:

Todd Presner: "Hypercities: A Case Study for the Future of Scholarly Publishing," The Shape of Things to Come, ed. Jerome McGann (Houston: Rice University Press, 2010), 251-7. Also available online:

Todd Presner: "Digital Humanities 2.0: A Report on Knowledge," Emerging Disciplines, ed. Melissa Bailar,(Houston: Rice University Press, 2010), 63-86. Also available online:

New Historic Filipino Collection (extensive library of video/oral histories):


Countdown to the 2010 DML Competition Showcase features Where Are They Now? updates on the 2008, 2009, and 2010 winners. The 2010 DML Competition winners will showcase their projects at the Designing Learning Futures DML Conference on March 4, 2011 in Long Beach, California.

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