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Countdown to the DML Competition Winners' Showcase: Day 30 Sundance of Video Games

Games for Change (2008 DML Competition winner) released their Call for Content:

With the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival (June 20-22) inching closer every day we’re excited to take the next step in preparations. Today we’re putting out the official Call for Content so you can participate in the event, often referred to as “the Sundance of Video Games”.

First and foremost, the deadline to submit your proposal is March 14th. Those interested in being a part of the 2011 Festival have the chance to participate in three different categories: Speaking, The 2nd Annual Games for Change Awards and Demo Spotlight.

Here is a breakdown of each category:

1. Speaking (Presentations, Panels, Case studies)

The Games for Change Festival is known for the vibrant discussions and presentations that happen every year. This year we are also interested in creative approaches to the format of the session. Some suggested topics are: games to promote real-world action, transmedia, games for underserved communities, games in education, political and news games, games as art and an expressive medium, measuring and assessing social change, distribution, skepticism around the premise of Games for Change, and more.
2. The 2nd Annual Games for Change Awards

To take part in our 2nd annual awards, all submitted games must have been released (or scheduled for release) between June 2009 and June 2011. Finalists will be announced prior to the festival and a distinguished jury of game makers, funders, researchers and talent will select the winner in each category. The award ceremony will take place on June 22nd in New York City, will be streamed live and covered by international and national media.

3. Demo Spotlight

This year we are looking to highlight 5 - 7 projects that are “in progress” and have the potential of becoming the next success stories in our genre. This will be a great opportunity to get feedback and share your work with the Games for Change community. Developers will be presenting their games to a panel of funders and designers for live feedback.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, check out the PDF below for full details, guidelines and the appropriate e-mail addresses for submission.

Right click here to download the Call for Content PDF

Questions can be sent to the appropriate e-mail address listed in the PDF. And as a reminder - the deadline for content is March 14th. Good luck and see you at the Festival!

Countdown to the 2010 DML Competition Showcase features Where Are They Now? updates on the 2008, 2009, and 2010 winners. The 2010 DML Competition winners will showcase their projects at the Designing Learning Futures DML Conference on March 4, 2011 in Long Beach, California.

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