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Countdown to the DML Competition Winners' Showcase: Day 43 DML2011 and DML Competition Winners

The DML2011 Conference schedule is online! That's 42 panels, 17 workshops, 3 days, 2 keynotes, 1 plenary session and an exciting DML Competition Showcase featuring 19 projects.

Since we're in Countdown mode, I'll do a special shout-out to former and current DML Competition winners who will be presenting on panels and workshops at DML2011. Many of the DML Competition winners listed here have worked on a wide (and impressive) variety of work focusing on digital media and learning, but I took the liberty of matching them to the DML Competition projects they worked on.

Youth, Digital Media and Citizenship

Organizers: S. Craig Watkins

Participants: Anastasia Goodstein, Henry Jenkins, Lissa Soep (Mobile Action Lab, 2010 DML Competition Winner)


Out the Window: Youth, Technology and Community Engagement


Organizers: S. Craig Watkins

Participants: Jeff Burke, Fabian Wagmister, Mike Blockstein and Reanne Estrada (Hypercities, 2008 DML Competition Winner), Paolo Davanzo, Lisa Marr, Anne Bray (Out the Window, 2010 DML Competition Winner)


How to assess important competencies within new collectives?


Organizers: Val Shute

Participants: David Gibson (Global Challenge Award, 2008 DML Competition Winner), Phillipp Schmidt, Val Shute



Youth and Civic Engagement Short Talks

Participants: Sean Keith, Joo-Young Jung, Johanna Jones Franzel, Melissa Brough (VozMob, 2009 DML Competition Winner), Chelsey Hauge



New Participatory Models of Professional Development

Organizers: Erin Reilly

Participants: Holly Willis (Critical Commons, 2008 DML Competition Winner), Michael Robb, Rebecca Rufo-Tepper, Matt Levinson, Erin Reilly



Emerging Platforms and Policies in Education Short Talks

Participants: Barry Joseph (Moderator, and 2008 DML Competition Winner for, Jabari Mahiri, Carla Ganito, Heather Hughes, Andrea Forte, Barbara Berry



Real World Games (for Civic Action Platforms)

Organizers: Susana Ruiz, Ben Stokes (VozMob, 2009 DML Competition Winner)



Designing for designers: Exploring ways in which online community settings support young people's participation as digital media creators

Organizers: Andres Monroy-Hernandez (Scratch, 2010 DML Competition Winner), Karen Brennan


Worked Examples


Organizers: Drew Davidson (Click! Online Spy School, 2010 DML Competition Winner)

Participants: Michelle Cohen, Eric Keylor, James Gee


Unlikely Partnerships? Youth Organizations and Institutions: Collaborating for Future Learning


Organizers: Cassidy Puckett, Mike Hawkins

Participants: Casidy Puckett, Audrey Aronowsky (Conservation Connection, 2010 DML Competition Winner), Taylor Bayless, Daria Ng, Mike Hawkins


Designing for Community (DML Competition Winners)


Organizers: Sheryl Grant

Participants: Eric Gordon (Participatory Chinatown, 2009 DML Competition Winner), Reane Estrada and Mike Blockstein (Hypercities, 2008 DML Competition Winner), Amanda Garces (VozMob, 2009 DML Competition Winner)



DML Competition Winners and Race to the Top: Adopting Participatory Learning in Schools

Organizers: Sheryl Grant

Participants: Sheryl Grant, Antero Garcia (Black Cloud, 2008 DML Competition Winner), Julie Keane



Supporting Participatory Culture Without Undermining It: Balancing Tensions of Agency and Structure

Organizers: Mitch Resnick

Participants: Mitch Resnick (Scratch & Share, 2010 DML Competition Winner), Mike Cole, Nichole Pinkard, Sasha Barab



The Politics of User Generated Content

Organizers: Mizuko Ito

Participants: Jonathan McIntsoh, Andres Monroy-Hernandez (Scratch & Share, 2010 DML Competition Winner), Finn Brunton



Countdown to the 2010 DML Competition Showcase features Where Are They Now? updates on the 2008, 2009, and 2010 winners. The 2010 DML Competition winners will showcase their projects at the Designing Learning Futures DML Conference on March 4, 2011 in Long Beach, California.

Visit our DML Countdown page to view more updates from featured projects.


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