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Mozilla's School of Webcraft wants you to learn for free: HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Over at Mashable, Josie O'Dell wrote about Mozilla's P2PU School of Webcraft, which opens for registration on January 8, 2011. Quoting Mozilla, O'Dell writes that developer training is "out of date, lousy, and losing students." Word to that. Web development classes are the only ones to beat the suffering of my 7th grade math period.

Who wants to feel inspired and interested when you take web dev classes, raise your hand. From what I can tell, School of Webcraft has figured out how to make online development classes interesting, high quality and friendly.  Even crazier, they are offering these classes for free.

Here's evidence from October, in which John Britton gave his free Web 200: Anatomy of a Request class the task of drawing how the Internet works. Nice touch to include bios and people's faces, but how about those drawings? That kind of exercise just says friendly creative human all over it, and was probably as interesting to do the task as it was to see the final Flickr collage (Forever after, Server Dude is now part of my Internet mental model.)

Here's a few paragraphs about the classes from Josie's article:

Mozilla is getting ready for the January semester of School of Webcraft, a 100% free developer training resource run in partnership with Peer 2 Peer University.

Last semester, the School of Webcraft offered 15 classes; now, Mozilla is trying to get around 30 classes going for the January semester.

Classes will be between six and 10 weeks long; they’ll revolve around topics relevant to web designers and developers, including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Previous classes have also included non-developer topics such as organic SEO. Requisite skill levels will run the gamut from novice to expert. The volunteer-run courses will begin on January 26, and proposals for new course ideas are still being accepted.

Students learn through a combination of free and open learning materials, online study groups and hands-on assignments that test their hacking skills.

To see more, click here. If you take a class, write about it here so we can get motivated to follow your steps.


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