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Farewell #dml2010, thanks for the brainfest

Had a great final farewell meal at the legendary Marine Room at La Jolla Shores Beach & Tennis Club with Cathy Davidson (@catinstack), watching pelicans and gulls through the ocean front windows. May all conferences end on such a high note.

All this wonderful, challenging discussion about digital media and learning and what it means to youth, to us, to learning, to society made me appreciate the lowly typing skill, an overlooked but very handy 21st century asset. To my 9th grade typing teacher, I owe you. Even though I thought it was weird, turns out I really would thank you one day for making us type in the dark. This was definitely an 80wpm kind of crowd to live-blog.

Also, I need to give a shout-out to all the plug outlets in the CalLit2 building, including the ones in EACH CHAIR in the auditorium. Tucked right under the armrest so you can sit anywhere (are you listening Chicago O'Hare airport?) with your fully charging/charged laptop.

Thanks to all the UCHRI people who organized the event, the MacArthur Foundation people and their vision for digital media & learning, the panelists, presenters, youth, and guests. For those of you who couldn't make it, I highly recommend attending the Digital Media & Learning Conference in 2011 -- this conversation and movement is only going to get more interesting and relevant. Let's hope they host it again at the beautiful UC San Diego campus again. Until then, huzzah!


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An amazing gathering, fabulous people, the right combination of theory and practice, so many interesting formats, and La Jolla too.  UCHRI friends did an amazing job.  DML Hub folks (Heather Horst, Mimi Ito, Jeff Brazil, everyone, plus the inimitable and unstoppable Henry Jenkins) visionary planning.   And to the MacArthur Foundation, who made the conference free--free--and open to the first 500 lucky enough to register, many thanks.   I've never seen such a rich, full gathering offered without cost, and I know that is why the audience was more diverse, including more practitioners, than at most academic conferences.  What a gift to all of us.   Many thanks!!