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October Updates on the 2009 Digital Media & Learning Competition Winners

We hit that exciting moment in the year when projects are starting to take off! Here's a few recaps of our Digital Media & Learning news from the past few weeks:

Anthony Pecorella's CellCraft blog is up, including a few stills of the game and a semi-final movie to introduce the game and characters. He's also looking for feedback on good names for his platypus characters! Anyone have suggestions?

Theo from M-Ubuntu joined the HASTAC Scholars forum on Democratizing Knowledge, which led to a wonderful interview by HASTAC Scholar Bridget Draxler:

M-Ubuntu's principals and teachers have received their mobile phones and are networking with teachers across the globe. Check here to relive that happy moment when you received your first cell phone! The looks of excitement are downright contagious, especially the kids:

Jose Icaza of Tecno-Tzotzil uploaded Flickr photos (by Ramiro Espinoza) that were so vibrant and compelling, they caught the attention of the people at MacArthur Foundation's Spotlight blog. Tecno-Tzotzil will have photos and a feature piece on MacArthur's Spotlight blog sometime in the upcoming weeks. Take a few moments to check out the photos of indigenous kids from Chiapas, Mexico working with their new netbooks for the first time:

Daniel Poynter's Digital Literacy Contest (related to his DML project, Digital Democracy Contest) is running an essay contest at select universities. He's couchsurfing his way across the border, with stops in Illinois and Saskatchewan coming up. For more details:

And if you haven't checked out his fun Digital Democracy Contest videos, take a few minutes to watch them here:

Jeff Kupperman of DevInfo Gameworks (DIGW) posted some great game templates on, discussing "Breakthru," one of the newer games that kids will be building on.

You can see some great photos of the kids in action in DevInfo Gameworks' photostream:

Ahrash Bissell and Alex Kozack of Student Journalism 2.0 (Creative Commons ccLearn) have had an exciting start to their project, working with high school students in Palo Alto. Alex posted a Creative Commons presentation on Slideshare that makes me wish I was taking that journalism class!

Participatory Chinatown has been busy! They've been blogging about their project, sharing some interesting discoveries about using (or not using) Google Earth to building 3D models of real buildings for the game.

Lots of activity going on with VozMob (Mobile Voices), and some great blog posts from Francois on participatory design and some engaging questions about translation for multilingual multimedia conversations. Does anyone know about a dotsub-like plug-in for Drupal? Let VozMob know!

Sapna Shahani and Women Aloud: Videoblogging for Empowerment (WAVE) have been recruiting women in India to their project, and soon they'll have participants training and doing video documentaries. We're all looking forward to seeing the documentaries, and hearing about the community development issues that the women want to share with the world.

David Gibson's Global Challenge Award just wrapped their Games Olympiad in Pune, India. David writes, "In 3 rounds, we touched about 800 students, helped them create new ideas for games, and treated them to a fun day, a teleconference, and for a select few, a trip to Copenhagen in December! Our HASTAC activities have also included engaging students in creating the AI behind a chatterbot named "ECO" that is getting smarter every day! See ECO on the website "


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