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How Do You Market a Digital Library Collection?

I'm interested in hearing from other people how they market (or perform outreach, if you don't like the term marketing) their digital library collections. It seems like there is thought and care into selecting materials and building a collection, but once it's built, that's it. There are a few announcements on a listserve and perhaps a blog post or write up by the institutional publication.

What are people doing that that's innovative? What do you find works the best?

Part of marketing is pinpointing your users and thinking what appeals to them and how they may use it. How often do libraries move from the generic to the specific? Are we really identifying our users and trying to create a resource for them, or are we trying to check a box with terms like scholar and student?

If you're interested in reading a bit more, you may click on this link,, if not, I'm happy to carry on the converstation through this blog post.


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