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Brains, bubblegum, and big ideas.


The Disorganized Mind p.102)

Have you ever gotten a gumball from those rows of quarter machines in the grocery store? It's usually a simple affair: put your quarter in, turn the crank, get 30 seconds of bubblegum flavor til you've chewed the crumbly sphere into an actual piece of gum. But sometimes.. The crank gets stuck. Or there's a pile-up at the dispenser and nothing comes out. Or a larger 50c gumball snuck into the 25c machine and nothing else can get by as a result.

gumball maintenance person might make an appearance to set things right.

Illustration of a stick figure pushing a gumball through a brain corridor.

 It's times like these when I long to be able plug my brain directly into my computer, rather than relying on my fingers to deliver the ideas that are right there in my brain if I could just get around this other thing. Then I could just do a search for data excluding future research, sort it on paper, and BAM! My hands are just not adequate conduits.


Illustration of the author plugging a USB cable into her head



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