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Q-Bert board of haystacks with a sheepeeh.

I'm back and better than ever! And by better than ever I mean no longer distracted by the ordeal of passing statistics!


Checked box next to a chalkboard with the beginning of the ANCOVA formula.





Which I hope will lead to more regular interaction with the HASTAC community in my second year as a scholar.



This semester I'm working on my qualifying paper, in which I examine the types of materials generated by game development. Specifically, I'm looking at the papers of Ralph Baer (inventor of the first home console system, the Magnavox Odyssey) and Larry Bond (designer of the developer paperslong-lived board-and-videogame Harpoon). I'll talk about that a bit more in future posts, as the work progresses.


On to that community interaction: I tried this on the Twitters today, but of course Saturday is the worst day to rouse one's colleagues into working.  I have a history of illustrating all of my posts, a tradition I plan to continue. What would you like to see me draw about? I'll incorporate the first 5 reasonable ideas into my next post. Viable topics include cultural heritage, academia, social media, intellectual property, videogames, and digital humanities. Also, zombies.  


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