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Technology Panel/Workshop at Texas A&M University (Need Ideas)

Technology Panel/Workshop at Texas A&M University

I’m designing a short introductory workshop to digital tools and could use some help.  I have outlined the plan below and have some initial tools that I would like to cover, but I encourage anyone to contribute and suggest tools that both graduate students and faculty can use in order to broaden their research practices. 

The Workshop/Panel:

On Wednesday, March 30th at 5:30p.m. the graduate students will be hosting a technology panel/workshop in which we will demonstrate the digital tools that we are currently using in our everyday research practices.  Some of these tools are writing focused, such as Scrivener and Simplenote; some are focused on research archiving and bibliographies, such as Zotero, Endnote, and Refworks; and others are focused on storage, public sharing of files, and pedagogical classroom networking, such as Dropbox, CloudApp, and Ning.

The aim of the panel is to introduce digital tools that are shaping our research, writing, and teaching practices.  We hope to share with others in the department the ways that we are using these tools and we hope that anyone interested in the tools we demonstrate will use them in their own research, teaching, and/or writing.  The panel is not geared towards showing the “best” tools, simply the tools that we are using every day. 

As I have already mentioned, some of the tools we will demonstrate include:

At this time, I would like to invite any interested faculty or graduate students who want to share other tools (they can be standalone applications, or web-based application, even smartphone applications) to respond to this email and let me know what tools you would like to demonstrate and whether it is a Mac based tool, a Windows/PC based tool, or a smartphone based tool.  Your participation would require a quick introduction to the tool during the panel and how you are currently using the tool.  I invite anyone to respond.  This will help students and faculty see what is out there and what these tools can do.

Anyone interested in learning more about the tools after the panel can talk to me and I am willing to talk at length and possibly train those interested in using the tools.


I could use some help from fellow HASTAC scholars.  What tools are you using in your research? 


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