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Progress Toward Free HE: City College of San Francisco

Along with other affluent countires, the United States has ratified the United Nations human rights document, the Internation Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.  This document demands the US develop a higher education system that on the basis of capacity is equally accessible to all and by every appropriate means makes progress toward free higher education, while developing an adequate system of fellowship among and imrpovement in the material conditions of teachers/academics.

In California bill SB 520 is a technological reponse to progress toward free higher education, though not without challenge from (for instance) the state Legislature Analyst's Office.  Also in California the University of California at Los Angeles lecturer and the University of California-American Federation of Teachers, President, Bob Samuels presents argument for free higher education based on the more efficient use of exiting funding.

I think SB 520 and Samuels fail to adequately move the US toward its obligations under the International Covenant.  Instead I have posted a more effective and comprehensive response through the entrepreneurial model I am developing. I have chosen the tragic circumstances at the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) to present the professional response.  I have also used the circumstances at CCSF to demonstrate the professional response to higher education accreditation and its attack on the college.



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