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Accreditation: City College of San Francisco and Professional Model

The City College of San Francisco (CCSF) serves some of the most vulnerable students in the higher education system, including adult, minority, low income, and students with disabilities.  It is the largest college in the US with around 2600 faculty and 90,000 students.  CCSF will be shutdown this July, because the accreditation process native to the current institutional model for higher education has determined the college is not sustainable.  This determination does not speak to the essence of the education relationship formed between academic and student, but merely the ability of CCSF to facilitate it.

This tragedy could not happen under the professional model for higher education, which subordinates institutions and better facilitates the academic/student relationship.

I invite the HASTAC community to consider how the professional model can repsond to collapse of an institution such as CCSF:

1) The Professional Society of Academics blog:


The response I offer is not technological, but human.  This is not to suggest I am a Luddite.  On the contrary, I am married to an expert in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and I fully expect that human educators will be supplanted by artificial intelligence that offers education through virtual and articifical reality environments.  In such a circumstance the education relationship will be (or could be) reduced and customized to the root relationship between teacher and student.  Until then I champion higher education reform that connects humans and includes technology as support not substitute for this relationship.


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