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Link to Document with Details of the Professional Model for HE

At the suggestion of Cathy Davidson, the link provided below is to a document that provides detail on the professional model for higher education that I am developing and believe can serve the purposes of not only the Badge Movement, but offers improvement on other important metrics of higher education as well:

There is much work that remains to be done for full development of the model, but in the “New Tender” document you will find presentation of the following:

1.       Identification of those academics that are to the professional academics of the model

2.       Identification of the key functions of  higher education that are jointly or severally shared by the professional society and professional practice segments of the model

3.       Explication of how a professional academic practice operates

4.       Account of the finance for the professional model

5.       Cost to set-up and operate a professional academic practice in philosophy

6.       Explication of the model means of expanding access to higher education for both students and academics

7.       Comparison and contrast of the current model for higher education with that of the professional alternative

8.       Analysis of the nature of (social) institutions such as universities, colleges and professional societies

9.       Account of the mechanics of admission and registration under the professional model

10.   Explanation of accreditation replaced by professional licensure

11.   Account of evaluation (of students and academics) under the professional model

12.   Account of research under the professional model


You will also find ethical argument for preference of the professional model:

1.       Improved access, quality and innovation in higher education

2.       Low-cost to free higher education

3.       Improvement in the material conditions of academics


I hope you find the time to review it. Cheers.


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