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A Challenging Yet Fruitful Year for HASTAC Scholars

A Challenging Yet Fruitful Year for HASTAC Scholars

The 2020-2021 academic year was a uniquely challenging one, both in our institutions and in the daily lives of the 70+ scholars who applied as HASTAC Scholars this year. Due to the digital nature of our programming, HASTAC Scholars were able to continue with much of our core programming: 

1) Collaborative Book Review: Thirteen current HASTAC Scholars participated in a collaborative book discussion of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Katina Rogers. Over the course of the semester, scholars read Rogers' work, selected chapters to review, shared drafts and peer reviewed each other's work, and published reviews together in a collection available on our website. The collaborative book review culminated in a Digital Fridays event organized and led by a HASTAC Scholar interviewing Dr. Rogers.

2) Digital Fridays: Eleven current HASTAC Scholars led or co-led a Digital Fridays event. Digital Fridays events are curated as a series of lectures or workshops conceived and led by current HASTAC scholars, and covered a wide range of topics and research interests reflective of the diversity of interests and areas of expertise of our scholars. 

3) Scholar Spotlights: Current HASTAC Scholars signed up to share their work as "scholar spotlights" on our social media platforms. During their "spotlight" week, current HASTAC scholars are invited to answer prompts and to share their work with other publicly on our HASTAC social media accounts.


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