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Best Free resources for computer science

The college course provides profound knowledge about computer and their fundamental. But before to enroll into college, or middle of college studies you could acquire immense information by pursuing some online course who could enrich your profile. We have listed some of those resources here who student could use to enhance their knowledge whenever and wherever they need.

Scratch Community
It is an online community site for people related to computer science, you can find plenty of videos, lessons, worksheets and discussion related to new technologies and programming languages. All age people can practice those really informative data provided by here.

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Computing At School
If someone is interested in computing and want to gain profound information in computer science that Computing At School is a great place to start with. If are you a member then you could access abundance free resources like newsletters, tech shares, free attendance at conferences and meet up.

MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT has numbers of sources to learn computing and networking, where you can grab the sound,in-depth knowledge from some of the genius minds of computer science.

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Harvard Extension School
With Harvard lvy League education system you can select and grab the materials and documents of course related to computer science that had held in the past. You could use those resources for enhancing the knowledge in a particular area and subject.

iTunes contains several podcasts and tutorial programs (iTunesU) that you just will follow. On your ipod, you'll catch up with the globe of computing science, technology and additional whereas movement within the automobile, bus or tube. attempt a number of these GuardianTechWeekly, BBC, Introduction to C# Programming.

Are you looking to learn coding and many programming languages at one place, then w3school is a better than other options available online. You can learn all those languages which are explained with easy to understand way and you can get exposure of practical knowledge by doing coding practical by online editor.

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Google Code University
Are you willing to learn alone without the help of anybody, then click on Google Code University. Click on  the course or programming language you like to learn. There is no option to make conversation when you stuck so it is completely self study, but you could access plenty of useful videos and material.

Khan Academy
This website is offering a different video and materials for free. The each course in divided into different small modules which help those students who are looking to learn some particular module rather to learn whole offered course.

This site has valuable resources for Fibonacci functions, Python programming, and binary numbers. If you are looking for computer repair work then computer repair sydney can work for you. 

Udemy is an internet establishment that gives courses educated by leading consultants. you'll select from categories on developing product for Facebook, SQL databases, Photoshop, Music Theory, Business, and plenty of others. Udemy conjointly permits everyday consultants to make their own category, thus you'll got to be selective concerning the courses you would like to require as anyone will produce a course. there's a bio concerning every pedagogue, together with associate degree Amazon-like review space for users to rate the course and provides their opinions concerning the category work.




Great information! Coursera is another free on-line establishement that offers a lot of computer science courses with video lectures (and lectures' transcripts). Some courses are archived and can be dowloaded.


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I agree, this is a super list, but it could even be extended. Udacity a MOOC by Stanford professor Dr. Thrun; this is a for-profit MOOC, but it can be taken for free (as I understand). Another great one is the not-for-profit MOOC by Harvard and M.I.T. edX - these MOOCs can absolutely be done for free - a person taking whatever they like or need. You can pay, any time, for a certificate with Coursera or edX, but it is not necessary.


I agree with you kenin, I have read many things about MOOC it is a great organization.