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Visual, Temporal Powers of Ten

In hommage to Charles and Ray Eames and the Clock of the Long Now.

At:   Mike Treder shows this image:

Space-Time Axes

Some interesting limits that this frame of reference does not include:

The Planck Distance --  1.6162 52(81)1035 meters, the distance below which discrete distances are meaningless;

The Planck Time -- 5.39124(27)x10-44 seconds, the interval below which discrete intervals of time are meaningless;

Also, the time in which light travels one Planck Distance.


Black -1011 years -- Prior to the Big Bang

Milky Way Galaxy-1010 years -- The Milky Way Galaxy without Earth

Pre-Cambrian Life-109 years -- Pre-Cambrian Life

Cretaceous Dinosaurs-108 years -- Cretaceous Dinosaurs

Miocene Mammals-107 years -- Miocene Mammals

"Evi" -- Australopithicus Family Group-106 years -- Australopithicus

Homo Sapiens Begins to Migrate From Africa-105 years -- Homo Sapiens Begins to Migrate from Africa

Sumerian Civilization-104 years -- Civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, Sumeria, etc.

Medieval Technology-103 years -- Medieval Technology

The Steam Engine-102 years -- The Age of Steam

NCSA Mosaic-101 years -- The Age of Uucp and FTP

The Clock of the Long Now+104 years -- the Clock of the Long Now

Red Giant Sun+1010 years -- the Sun becomes a Red Giant star

Dissipated Universe+101000 years -- all matter in the Universe has dissipated


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