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Scholar Introduction: Sara DiCaglio

Scholar Introduction: Sara DiCaglio

Hello all! My name is Sara DiCaglio, and I'm delighted to be a part of the 2014-2015 HASTAC Scholars program. I'm currently a doctoral candidate in the Women's Studies and English dual degree program at Penn State University. My research centers on feminist science studies and scholarship about reproduction. My current project examines the impact of models of embryological development on cultural conceptions of reproduction and pregnancy, suggesting that these models contribute to a larger failure to account for alternate developmental courses and outcomes. My broader academic interests include feminist theory, science fiction, bioart, medical technologies, and digital communities— particularly digitally based health communities. In addition to my larger academic interests, I also hold an MFA in Poetry from the University of Michigan, and I’m interested in the connections between poetry, science, and spaces for digital experimentation. 

Though I've been working in science and technology studies for years, I'm fairly new to the more digital side of things; as a result, I’m excited to have a community to explore and think through issues and ideas in the digital humanities. I’m hoping to use my time as a HASTAC scholar in order to learn from the fascinating work that occurs within this community. I’m also particularly hoping to contribute to and connect with folks working in feminist and STS related fields. I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s intros right now, and I look forward to continuing these conversations throughout the year!

(Pictured is my research assistant Spondee, who wonders whether digital communities provide digital treats, and if so, what they taste like.)



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Nice to digitally meet you! Your research sounds so fascinating--and Spondee is adorable.