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Updates from the Rutgers Center for Cultural Analysis

The Rutgers University Center for Cultural Analysis (CCA), an interdisciplinary research center, announces a competition for visiting postdoctoral fellowships for 2010-2011:

As a HASTAC scholar from Rutgers University, I'll keep you posted on events and announcements from the CCA (

This year we will be running a "Literature and New Media" working group. We hope to build on the momentum from last year's "New Media Literacies, Gutenberg to Google" seminar, but to focus our study on the intersections of literature and new media.

We'll take up this topic from a long historical perspective, but will also try to think, together, about the ways in which new media are changing literature and literary study in the present moment. For our first meeting on Thurs. Oct. 8, beginning at 2:30, we'll discuss a few chapters from Alan Liu's new book: *Local Transcendence: Essays on Postmodern Historicism and the Database*, in particular, chapters 7 "Sidney's Technology" and 9 "Escaping History." Folks with world enough and time might also like to consider the chapter between these two: 8 "Transcendental Data."

Visitors to the New Media Literacies seminar last year included: Matthew Kirschenbaum (Maryland), Daniel Warner (Hampshire), Geoff Batchen (CUNY), Lee Siegel (The New Republic), Alexander Galloway (NYU), Ben Kafka (NYU), Tim Murray (Cornell), Tom Levine (Princeton), Douglas Greenberg (SAS, Rutgers), Tom Boellstorff (UC Irvine), and Trebor Sholz (New School). Co-sponsoreed with Rutgers Seminar in the History of the Book: Leah Price (Harvard University), John Unsworth (Illinois). Classes for Colleagues: “New Media Boot Camp”: four intensive sessions on Zotero, Presentation software, WordPress, and Wikis.

Previous Events:

• Digital Humanities and the Disciplines: two-day conference featuring talks by Dan Cohen (History, George Mason), Hillary Ballon (Art History, NYU), Chris Kelty (UCLA), Greg Crane (Tufts), Martha Nell Smith (Maryland), and David Jaffee (Bard).
• Sound Effects: one-day conference featuring panels on “Format,” “Radio,” and “Ambient Sound”; speakers included Jonathan Sterne (McGill), Mark Katz (UNC), John Mowitt (Minnesota), Elena Razlogova (Concordia), Douglas Kahn (UC Davis), Robert Fink (UCLA), with comments by Eric Barry (CCA), Lisa Gitelman (Harvard), and Carter Mathes (English, Rutgers).
• Beckett and Media: one-day conference featuring screenings of Beckett’s work on video and film, and talks by Martin Harries (NYU), Elin Diamond (English, Rutgers), Branislav Jakovljevic (Stanford), and Daniel Gunn (American University of Paris).
• Letters as Media: symposium, featuring presentations by Paul McLean (Sociology, Rutgers), CCA fellows Mathilde Bombart and Michael Gavin, and visiting speakers Jeff Nunokawa (Princeton) and David Kazanjian (Penn).
• Activism and New Media: symposium, featuring presentations by Cristina Ibbarra, Marlene Ramirez-Cancio, Lisandra Ramos-Grullón, and Andrea Thome (feminist video collective, Fulana), Ricardo Dominguez (UC San Diego), and Elijah Saxon (Riseup).


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