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Aeon Quest is published!

Aeon Quest is published!

Alright, I FINALLY finished Aeon Quest.

This project was beyond the scope of what my original intention was.  But I figured since I was given a development grant to produce a quality product, I should make sure that I put out the best quality possible.  Well, HASTAC... you got what you paid for with this one.  I'm quite proud of how this level series turned out.  I did something that maybe nobody has done yet in LittleBigPlanet.  I published a 20 level series all at once.  For those of you not "in the know", 20 levels is the MAX amount of levels that a single account can publish in LittleBigPlanet. 

You should be happy to hear that I promoted HASTAC throughout the series with a handful of "easter egg" stickers of the HASTAC logo.  But more so you should be glad to know that there is now the largest published single-user adventure series on LBP2 that has your name all over it.  And it's educational. 

So the main lesson to be learned in the series is a basic method of Vedic Mathematics.  I teach a simple method for multiplying 2 digit numbers in a fashion which is most likely foreign to most students in the U.S.  Then throughout the series the player is then directed to put the method into practice.  They must solve mathematical problems using the Vedic method they learned in order to progress throughout the level.  I also delve into a couple of sections where the player must match fractions to their corresponding percentages, then later I revisit fractions and percentages when they must add the two together to make a whole number.  Think: 1/4 + 75% = 1.  And that's just the math part...

I have also incorporated many different logic puzzles as well as a chapter where the player must construct different pieces to make a pathway towards a goal.  In that particular section the concept of trial and error definitely gets put to the test as you are constantly having to build, test, build again until you have constructed a working model.  The beauty of this section is that there is no one correct answer and allows the player to express their own method of construction and creativity to find the best possible solution that works for them.

Along with learning the series boasts supreme design and very complex logic.  The atmospheres are clean, varied, and striking.  I believe I've created a world where the player can forget at times that they are playing an educational game... which is what I was going for.  My approach was to make the player feel excited about having to solve mathematic equations because they just NEEDED to know what was coming up next. 

So far all the feedback has been positive.  I'm hoping that the series will take of soon and the community will embrace LittleBigPlanet as a new learning platform.  But for now, I must sit back and wait for the snowball to build.


If any of you out there would like to check out some community feedback about Aeon Quest, you can go HERE. - - - There is a poll there to see what people think about video games and learning.  If you'd like to participate, that would be awesome since the information obtained could very well be used as emperical data for future learning game proposals.


Enjoy 2012 and feel free to leave some commentary!



Scott Comstock



Congrats on this epic achievement, Scott!  I've added it to my LBP queue, athough I don't tend to get to play it more than once a year.


Scott, this is fantastic! We have to yet to host our HASTAC LittleBigPlanet GameFest so we can view everyone's levels, but this is motivation to make that happen. I have some familiarity with Vedic math and appreciate that you folded those concepts into LBP. Even though your work with Game Changers is over, I hope you continue working in this area. And when we finally have our office GameFest, we'll be sure to let you know. Congratulations on accomplishing so much with your grant, and thanks for including us in the game :)


Well, I contacted Media Molecule and let them know that Aeon Quest was published and they put it on their list of "Mm Picks".  In two days I'm up to nearly 10,000 plays.  That means the HASTAC logo has just been realized by thousands of people who may have otherwise not heard of ya.