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DML Competition

Well Hello Everyone.

So, today is my second day back at home here in Los Angeles after attending the Games For Change Convention in New York.  I have to say it was quite an experience seeing all the new and innovative ideas geared towards teaching chilren in new and exciting ways.

First of all I have to say congratulations to all of the winners involved in the Game Changers competition.  Way to go everyone!  And secondly, thanks to HASTAC and the MacArthur Foundation for allowing me the opportunity to compete.  I look forward to developing my project, Aeon Quest in the near future. 

That being said, I hope everyone that got a chance to demo and see my contest entry enjoyed what I put together, but it looks like I will be scrapping the level and starting from scratch.  With the upcoming release of LittleBigPlanet2 this winter, I will now be gearing Aeon Quest to fit within the almost limitless boundaries that LBP2 offers.  I hate to have to ditch a level that took me so many hours to build, but I love the idea that I will be making something far more better than I even expected from the start.

I guess you will all be hearing from me and my progress as I will be updating my blog here to give everyone all the juicy details of whats to come.  Until next time...


Scott Comstock

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Thanks for posting this.  We'll reblog this on the Facebook page, tweet it, and get out the word about your terrific work, Scott. 


So, we are 8 weeks away from the big event in Long Beach and 2 weeks from the release of LittleBigPlanet 2... getting very excited.  This gives me 6 weeks of overdrive in creating something spectacular to show the masses.  I can't wait.  I've spent the past few months tooling around in the LBP2 BETA learning all the new features and tightening up my logic as well as desigining various story elements and mini games... but the big show is near, and I have a ton more work to do in preparation.  Weeeeeee!


Looking forward to seeing you in California, Scott! I had to switch units from weeks to days for my countdown because 57 sounds like much more time than 8 weeks ;) Everyone is excited about the Game Changer projects, so you should have a great audience for your work on March 4, 2011.


Well, LBP2 has arrived and I will be getting down to business.  Full steam ahead!  I just finished the story levels last night and was tickled so see that David Dino and I both recieved credits at the end for our contributions, creations, and overall awesomeness in the LBP community.  Also, Media Molecule used clips of our beta levels on their screen saver vids.  Score!  Nice to be recognized by the developers.


Also, David Dino just finished a 50 hour marathon of LBP2 in NY!  He and two others set 5 new Guiness records for video games!  I think they paid him in cookies and Yoo-Hoo..... worth it.