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VozMobCMS 0.2

We recently completed several new features over at VozMob ( As you know if you’re following this blog, VozMob stands for mobile voices / voces moviles, and on the technical side it’s Drupal based mobile blogging that lets users post text, photo, video, and audio via sms, mms, and phone calls (no data plan or app download needed). You can find our full release of v0.2 on github:

New features that are tested and now live:

User Friendly SMS/MMS Registration. That means on first post, a user receives an sms asking if they want to register an account, if they say yes, they get an account and a default password. Code is here. (If you want to see the issue tracker:

New MMS Filters: Sprint MMS (issue tracker), Virgin Mobile (issue tracker). We need these because the phone providers add a bunch of crap (ads, etc) to sms and mms messages. These filters remove the crap. The code for all the filters is here.

Send MMS to phones (issue tracker:

Rotate pictures
: because lots of people take mobile phone pictures sideways :)

Our roadmap is here:

We are trying to properly release everything to modules on DO (that’s as quickly as we can but as you know that involves tracking down various module maintainers :)


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