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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, all!

I thought I would post a bit about myself in hopes that it would help me break through a bout of writer's block.  I've locked myself in my office on a Saturday to get some writing done, but that hasn't worked, so perhaps this will.

My name is Sarah Kremen-Hicks, and I am a PhD student in the English department at the University of Washington.  This is my first year as a HASTAC Scholar; my affiliation is through the Keywords in Videogaming interest group here on campus.  My research interests are a bit scattered, and I do love a good bulleted list, so here goes:

  • Victorian poetry: I suppose this is my primary field (at least, that's what my exam list tells me!).  I'm particularly interested Victorian theories of poetics and aesthetics as they are presented an enacted in the poetry of the period.  I also look at modes of presentation and curation, beginning with Palgrave's Golden Treasury and moving forward to the many poem-a-day websites available today.
  • Transmediation and the afterlife of Victorian literature: This is a broad category in my mind, including neo-Victorian literature and steampunk culture, adaptation of Victorian texts in games and films (I'm currently obsessed with American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns), and, in a more general way, the ways in which people receive these as simultaneously historical and contemporary artifacts.
  • Technology in the Classroom: I have a bit of a weakness for the latest gadgetry, so trying to include technology in my classes in a pedagogically sound way, rather than simply relying on the gosh-wow factor of it all, is a constant struggle for me.  I'm still looking for ways to keep myself honest on this front.

My most pressing concern right now, however, is whether blog titles should be in title case or sentence case.

I look forward to talking with you all as the year progresses (assuming I ever finish up this article in the next window over).


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