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Hello Everyone

I'm am very excited to return to HASTAC this year! My favorite part of HASTAC so far was attending HASTAC 2013 Storm of Progress and getting to meet the community IRL. I thought it was one of the most stimulating and inviting conferences I have every attended and would highly recommend going. My primary research interests orbit around Writing in Digital Media, Digital Publishing, Digitally Mediated Performance, Immersive World Building, Media Archeology and Expanded Cinema. This fall, I am working as an RA for the digital publishing platform Scalar where I focus on web accessibility for assistive technologies. I look forward to engaging in forums and discussions on these topics and others with the HASTAC community. Here is a bit more about me, my current research and projects:
I am currently a Ph.D. student in Media Arts + Practice (iMAP) in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. My current work centers around the materiality of the book digital/print and imagining new interfaces for reading. Last conference I showed my hybrid iPAD novella Penumbra (now titled Pry). Pry is hybrid novella that re-imagines the form of the eBook. Composed for the affordances of tablet media, Pry invokes gesture, expanded cinema, interaction design in service of its story world. Within this convergence, form and function are deeply intertwined. In Pry the reader literally touches the thoughts of the main protagonist: whose inner world is the book itself – a hybrid monster of cinema, sensation and text. Here, to “read” is to “pry” into a world of unreliable narration and shifted memory. A world that can only exist beyond the simple mimicry of print conventions on screen. Pry is created in collaboration with my partner Danny Cannizzaro. We  are happy to announce that I will be posting our mailing list and trailer within the next week!
Other work in Research interests can be found at my online portfolio
Excited to meet everyone!

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