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Inspiring students to think big at the Telefonica Think Big Digital Skills Day

300 young people from around the UK turned up at the Soccer Dome in London yesterday morning for the Think Big Digital Skills Day. They received hands on experience in learning new skills away from the classroom. From coding to reporting, these young people had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the coolest names in digital.

DigitalMe were there with our project ‘Supporter to Reporter’ in the Mozilla Hive Zone. Students were thrown into the deep end for a taster 30 minutes session where they had to plan, practice and produce a mini report about the day. Each of them earned a 2012 reporter medal for creating a report about the Olympics and Paralympics as well.

Each group became Think Big Reporters for the day by creating a report about the event. While finding out what other skills young people were learning at Think Big, the reporters were quickly growing in confidence over their half an hour session. One of the reporters even admitted that she “normally too shy to speak to people.”

Supporter to Reporter has been running since 2008 in schools and sports clubs around the UK.  Free resources and activities have been designed to help schools set up their own sports reporting team as well as hands on training being available.

We are now in the process of developing a new way to recognise the skills achieved from S2R through the Mozilla Open Badges System.

DigitalMe, creator of S2R is the only UK organization to be funded through the Digital Media and Learning competitions to develop a badge system.

S2R Medals will recognise and reward the skills young people develop by taking part in the S2R programme. We know that through becoming a sports reporter, young people gain confidence, improve their speaking and listening skills, teamwork and resilience. The DML open badges project will help us develop a build a series of online ‘S2R Medals’ which recognise and reward their achievements, which young people can use to showcase their skills and successfully transfer them into the world of work.

Your school can get started in the S2R programme by signing up for a free site on Makewaves where you can access free materials to help set up a reporter team and in the near future reward your students’ skills with digital badges.

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Watch all the reports from Think Big here:


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