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S2R Medals

S2R Medals

Supporter to Reporter (S2R) is a programme run by DigitalMe which gives young people skills and confidence through sports reporting. By working for real as reporters at sports events they learn communication skills, teamwork and how to meet deadlines. Young people are passionate about sport and love using digital media to record, and share their lives. They create reports using video, audio, text and images, and publish them all for the world to see on the safe social network Makewaves:

So far, over 2000 young people have developed their reporting skills through S2R and reported at over 1000 events including the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

S2R Medals 

DigitalMe is proud to announce it is a Mozilla Open Badges competition winner, from the 4th Digital Media and Learning Competition, held in conjunction with the Mozilla Foundation and supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

We have been funded to develop an exciting new way to recognise and reward the skills young people develop by taking part in the S2R programme. We know that through becoming a sports reporter, young people develop confidence, improved speaking and listening skills, teamwork and resilience, as well as the maturity to become mentors and pass on their skills to others. The DML open badges project will enable us to build a series of online ‘S2R Medals’ which recognise and reward these achievements, which young people can use to demonstrate their achievements and successfully transfer their skills into the world of work.

All the S2R badges are designed to reflect real-world transferable skills, for example, social media creation, reporting, interviewing, editing, time management, collaboration, responsibility and communication skills. Mentoring other young people and passing on skills is also a key part of the programme.

DigitalMe is working in partnership with Makewaves, the Safe Social Learning platform for schools, to develop a system for rewarding and displaying these ‘Medals’ online using the Mozilla Open Badge technology. These Medals can also be displayed on other Social Networks and CV sites to demonstrate the skills that have been achieved.

Find out more about Open Badges and the background to the project

What is the pilot project? 

The DML Medals pilot will develop the current S2R programme to identify and reward the range of skills developed across the programme.

S2R Medals are broken down into 3 strands of activity: Journalist, Producer and Coach. Each strand has a Bronze, Silver and Gold level for pupils to work through to support their skills progression. Their media work and skills progression is captured and rewarded online via the S2R network on within their own digital portfolio.

S2R Journalist: Journalist focuses on developing digital literacy and speaking and listening skills as young people learn how to plan, create and publish sports reports across a range of media.

S2R Producer: Producer is an offline strand of activity which enables young people to test their journalism skills at a real world event e.g. a school sports event or professional sports match, and develop their teamwork and leadership skills.

S2R Coach: Coach develops young people’s peer review and peer mentoring skills as they support other young people to earn their S2R Medals by passing on their skills (online and offline)

S2R Medals and Community Achievements displayed on a page on Makewaves. Find out more about the system Makewaves are building to issue and display badges here.

Co-Design Day July 2012
To kick off the project, DigitalMe and Makewaves worked with young people, teachers, education and industry experts and academics at a S2R Medals Co-Design day in July 2012, hosted by Mozilla London. We had some big aims for the day:
• Identify the Skills required to achieve S2R Medals
• Decide what Evidence is required and how this is Assessed
• Explore Practical ways to deliver S2R Medal activity
• Discuss the value of Medals and how to increase it
It was invaluable for us get feedback on the programme and really understand what will be needed to make it a success. It was great to hear how enthusiastic the teachers were about the potential Open Badges have, but not to forget the practicalities of delivering this type of programme in and out of the classroom. The young people explained how they feel about badges – excited about the potential they have for helping them stand out in an increasingly competitive job market, nervous about sharing their badges with peers on some social platforms e.g. Facebook, for fear of being teased.


See the Flickr stream from the day 

Pilots Wanted!
We spent the summer unpicking all these issues and after a lot of post-it sticking, coffee and head scratching we have arrived at a beta framework we are pretty happy with.
The pilot programme is now ready to be tested. We are looking for 5 – 10 schools or groups to review and test the programme between October 2012 and March 2013. We are also looking for Critical Friends to feedback on the S2R Medals programme and skills framework.
More information about the S2R Medals programme and the Beta Resources can be found hereWe will be posting regular updates about the pilot’s progress here.

We want to know what you think! Please leave your thoughts and feedback below as a comment. Feel free to share this blog with anyone you think might be interested to join in the conversation.

Support and Resources

The S2R network on Makewaves has a range of resources which can support the delivery of this programme
• S2R Teacher resources and pupil worksheets which provide a range of activities to support the delivery of S2R medals
• A range of video tutorials and info sheets on making films, podcasts and online
• Interviews with athletes, industry experts and other young people about sports journalism

Contact: To get involved or to find out more about the project please contact Lucy Neale 0113 245 6445








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