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Schools wanted for exciting new Mozilla Open Badges Project


DigitalMe is proud to announce it is a Mozilla Open Badges competition winner, from the  4th Digital Media and Learning Competition, held in conjunction with the Mozilla Foundation and supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

We will be developing an exciting new way to recognise and reward the skills young people develop by taking part in the award winningSupporter to Reporter programme. We know that through becoming a sports reporter, young people develop confidence, improved speaking and listening skills, teamwork and resilience, as well as the maturity to become mentors and pass on their skills to others. The DML open badges project will enable us to build a series of online ‘Medals’ which recognise and reward these achievements, which young people can use to demonstrate their skills to future employers.

What is the pilot?
The DML Badges pilot will develop the S2R training model to identify and reward the skills developed across the programme. It will also build an online system to enable S2R medals to be rewarded via Radiowaves and be displayed across other social networks.

We are looking for 5 Schools or Education Centres to work with us on this pilot project to:
- Co-design the Medals structure and help identify the skills developed through S2R
- Pilot the online Medals system by delivering S2R activities using Radiowaves
- Develop business models for rolling out S2R Medals Nationally

This will involve:
- Attending one project co-design meeting in June 2012 to hear more about the project and feed in ideas (up to 2 staff)
- Attending one training day in Sept/Oct 2012 to see how the system works and how facilitators can award badges (up to 2 staff)
- Delivering 24 hours of S2R Activity between October 2012 and March 2013 (typically a traditional S2R week but can be delivered across shorter sessions)
- Supporting the advocacy and roll out of the programme across the UK

Why get involved?
We hope this project will be a way to reward S2R schools and centres who have contributed to the S2R project by providing their young people with ways of accrediting their achievements and successfully transferring their skills into the world of work.

DigitalMe will provide:
- The opportunity to co-design the Medals programme to ensure it is relevant and meaningful to the young people you work with and the objectives you need to meet
- Training in S2R and the Medals system
- A new S2R resource pack which Includes the Medals Reward Scheme
- Support visits from DigitalMe staff and ongoing remote support to help deliver the programme in your centre
- The opportunity to continue using S2R Medals and develop a business model in your area
- A contribution towards the associated project costs

Get Involved
If you are interested in being involved in the pilot and would like to find out more please fill in this form or contact 0113 245 6445 or



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