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Scott Snibbe at SXSW


I'm not sure how many of you made it to South by Southwest Interactive this year, but I had the opportunity to attend for the first time last month (thank you, IGDA!). I had imagined SXSWi to be a celebration of independent startup culture and creativity and was disheartened to find that it was instead a celebration of, for, and by large tech and media companies. Mashable, Fast Company, Foursquare, CNN, etc. all had their branding emblazoned across the festival, overshadowing many of the smaller startups that I would have liked to see more of.

However, nearly all was redeemed by the last talk I attended, in which interactive media artist Scott Snibbe discussed his projects, inspirations, and processes. You may be familiar with Snibbe's work already -- he collaborated with Björk on her iOS app album Biophilia. He has developed a handful of other iOS apps, along with numerous interactive museum installations -- his latest is James Cameron's Avatar exhibition -- take note, fellow museum folks. Snibbe concluded his talk by stating that technology should not plug up users' senses, but should instead immerse them. A similar takeaway came from Doug Wilson's talk at the Game Developers Conference only a week prior: don't use technology to improve games, but use games to improve technology. Both are certainly thought-provoking takeaways for digitally-mediated experiences to become increasingly personal.


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