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#DigitalFaith - HASTAC Scholar Introduction and Project

My name is Sable Manson and I wear many hats at the University of Southern California. I am a PhD candidate in Higher Education at the Rossier School of Education and currently writing my dissertation on how intentional interfaith experiences and reflection can influence college students’ ecumenical worldview.  I also work for USC’s Office of Religious Life where I work with our INgage (interfaith programming and Events) and run Souljourners (in collaboration with USC Joint Educational Project). Souljourners encourages interfaith engagement by partnering with academic courses to facilitate co-curricular experiences related to interfaith/interfaith service and weekly written reflection.   

Beyond my work with interfaith engagement, more recently I have begun to a project called #Digitalfaith which investigates religion and spirituality in digital spaces. I first presented on this topic with fellow HASTAC scholar Vanessa Monterosa this past April at the HASTAC conference in Lima, Peru. This presentation focused on college students’ spiritual identities by reviewing current tools and spaces, which support exploration and development.  Building on this work my 2014 – 2015 HASTAC Scholar project #DigitalFaith will be two-fold.

First, I will be blogging around the first of every month, exploring our current understanding of religion and spirituality online. Blog topics will include

  • The Religious and Spiritual Climate on the Internet
  • Is the religious and spiritual climate online just a reproduction of offline dynamics? How is it the same, how it is different?
  • The relationship between religious/ spiritual identity and online experiences
  • How does online experiences (e.g. exploration) support spiritual growth/ spiritual and religious identity development
  • How might one’s religious identity influence his/her online experiences
  • Impact of the global “marketplace” of religion/spirituality
  • How does exposure to the religious and spiritual online “marketplace” provide individuals with an opportunity to explore different faiths or belief systems? Does this inform or even enhance one’s own practice?

Second, beginning in 2015, I will begin weekly tweeting @SableManson54 on topics of #DigitalFaith. Tweets will focus on identifying digital tools/spaces as well as how educators can leverage current technologies to support religious and spirituality development. This will culminate in a creative digital presentation which showcases/reviews the project's previous tweet, tools, and technologies.

To learn more about these projects follow me at or read more about me at my HASTAC profile :)


Vanessa Monterosa and I (Lima, Peru, HASTAC 2014)


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